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Version: v1.20

Operation modes

To simplify the development and debugging of FerretDB, we support different operation modes. Operation modes specify how FerretDB handles incoming requests. They are useful for testing, debugging, or bug reporting.

You can specify modes by using the --mode flag or FERRETDB_MODE variable, which accept following types of values: normal, proxy, diff-normal, diff-proxy.

By default FerretDB always run on normal mode, which means that all client requests are processed only by FerretDB and returned to the client.


Proxy is another MongoDB-compatible database, accessible from the machine. You can specify its connection URL with --proxy-addr flag or with the FERRETDB_PROXY_ADDR variable.

To forward all requests to proxy and return them to the client, use proxy operation mode.

Diff modes

Diff modes (diff-normal, diff-proxy) forward requests to both databases, and log the difference between them.

The diff-normal afterwards returns the response from FerretDB and diff-proxy - from the specified proxy handler.

Example diff output:

Header diff:
--- res header
+++ proxy header
@@ -1 +1 @@
-length: 63, id: 14, response_to: 24, opcode: OP_MSG
+length: 64, id: 229, response_to: 24, opcode: OP_MSG

Body diff:
--- res body
+++ proxy body
@@ -10,3 +10,3 @@
- "you": "",
+ "you": "",
"ok": {