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Version: v1.22


FerretDB is an open-source proxy that translates MongoDB wire protocol queries to SQL, with PostgreSQL or SQLite as the database engine.

Initially built as open-source software, MongoDB was a game-changer for many developers, enabling them to build fast and robust applications. Its ease of use and extensive documentation made it a top choice for many developers looking for an open-source database. However, all this changed when they switched to an SSPL license, moving away from their open-source roots.

In light of this, FerretDB was founded to become the true open-source alternative to MongoDB, making it the go-to choice for most MongoDB users looking for an open-source alternative to MongoDB. With FerretDB, users can run the same MongoDB protocol queries without needing to learn a new language or command.

Scope and current state

FerretDB is compatible with MongoDB drivers and can be used as a direct replacement for MongoDB 5.0+. We are constantly adding features to increase compatibility based on user feedback.

See our public roadmap, a list of known differences with MongoDB, and contributing guidelines.


If you want to contact FerretDB Inc., please use this form.