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Performing CRUD operations

CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations in FerretDB use the same protocol and drivers as MongoDB.

Create operations in FerretDB

The create operation adds a new document to a collection. If the collection does not exist, this operation will create it. The following methods are available for adding documents to a collection:

db.collection.insertOne(), db.collection.insertMany()

Read operations in FerretDB

The read operation retrieves document records in a collection. You can also filter the documents by targeting specific criteria for retrieval. The following commands are used to retrieve documents from a collection:

db.collection.find(), db.collection.findOne()

The read operation can also retrieve subdocuments that are nested within a document.

Update operations in FerretDB

The update operation modifies document records in a collection. It changes existing documents in a collection according to the query criteria. The following update operations are supported:

db.collection.updateOne(), db.collection.updateMany(), db.collection.replaceOne()

Delete operations in FerretDB

The delete operation removes document records from a collection. The following delete operations are supported:

db.collection.deleteOne(), db.collection.deleteMany()

Similar to the update operation, this operation retrieves documents matching specific criteria in a collection and deletes them.